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Bed and Breakfast accommodation for goodwood track days

The Horse & Groom's bed and breakfast is ideally located for goodwood track days.

Goodwood track days

Goodwood track days are amongst the best driving experiences you will get anywhere. The Goodwood track is ideal for a day out in your track car. Track days normally tun from March to December, there is a specific set of rules that you have to follow to be a part of the track day event. At first your car will be tested as a safety measure. You will have to sign and fill a form before you begin your track day experience. Noise levels of your car will be tested to ensure that it is not too loud. 105 decibels is the accepted limit, in each session a maximum of 25 cars will run. The pricing for the track days vary depending on the time of the year. Starting prices are set at £135 and go on to £320. Lets look at the different elements of Goodwood track days.


The pricing at Goodwood track days varies on a number of factors. If you sign up for a half day session you will be charged somewhere around £135 in the winter season and £165 in summer. Full day prices can rise to £265 and in the summer they can go up to £320. Light refreshments are included as part of the cost. You can bring along a friend or family member to ride with you when you are on the track. You can also call Goodwood for inquiries related to track day.


Motoring enthusiasts will be glad to know that you can use vouchers to get cars for a fun track day experience. Mithril Racing is a company that is based at Goodwood, this is an independent company that offers a variety of gifts, deals and packages to customers. You can get a wide range of classic and sports cars from them. Maybe you fancy a Porsche or a E-type Jaguar. Whichever car you want you can get it here easily.

Low Grip Experience

The low grip experience at the Goodwood circuit is something that is still very new. In this track car experience you get to take the wheel of a Toyota GT86 and challenge your driving capabilities. You will get to tackle an obstacle course and drive at high speeds. You have to find the perfect balance and stop the car from going into under steer. The GT 86 is a true sports car which will surely entertain you and give an experience that you will remember for a very long time.

Corporate Track Days

Another great feature of Goodwood track days is the corporate track day feature. You can either bring along your clients, work friends or even family. It is an experience that you certainly don't want to miss. Goodwood is the only race track that has been maintained in its original state which is why it is so popular amongst car enthusiasts. At the corporate track day you can drive around the motor circuit, go kart racing or even drive in the forest rally area. This is one motoring experience that is definitely worth the cost.

Bed and Breakfast accommodation for goodwood track days