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Pumpkins and pyrotechnics at the Horse & Groom

Posted in Uncategorized on October 26th, 2012 by Horse and Groom – Be the first to comment

Now, if you want tales of things that go bump in the night this Halloween, you could do worse than have a chat to some of the regulars at the Horse & Groom in East Ashling. You could also pay a visit to the Novium Museum, where you can listen to some Chilling Tales of Chichester on 28 October.
Hopefully there won’t be any stories of stiffs stumbling around the cathedral grounds the previous night (it’s the Stonepillow Big Sleep Out on 27 October and everyone taking part should be tucked up in their tents), but if spooky stumbling is your thing, Cowdray is hosting a ghost walk on Halloween night.
Of course, after Halloween comes Bonfire Night, and fireworks have been known to go off at the Horse & Groom. But for a more organised display of pyrotechnics, there are the usual nights out locally, including a Firework Spectacular at Fontwell. I’m sure there will be something at Goodwood as well. Whether you get up to, we’ll have the fire going and the beer flowing to keep you toasty.
After a hard evening of scaring or at the bonfire, you may just want to watch a film. If there’s nothing good on your TV, The Shining is on at Cineworld Chichester on 31 October and the Page Turners into Screen season at the New Park Cinema continues with Rebecca on 2 November and The 39 Steps on 9 November. Or, you might just want to come to the pub! We have plenty on offer to warm you up – you can check out our menus online (this year’s Christmas menu is up now, too).
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