Rugby, racing and some apples at the Horse & Groom

Well, four points but an unconvincing display and the loss of Lawes, and perhaps more crucially, Sheridan. Not sure what to make of that start. Anyway, with Scotland notching up the points, it looks like game on 1 October will be a big one: I think the Horse & Groom will be packed!
Revival weekends are always a treat, but next big event at Goodwood is horseracing on 21 September. It’s one of the last ones of the season up there and the big race is the Foundation Stakes. There’s also racing at Fontwell: the new Fontwell Festival takes place on 30 September and 1 October.
The pub is not far from either racecourse, so no doubt we’ll have people popping in to drown their sorrows or celebrate their winners. We should also have a few making a weekend of it in our rooms in our converted flint barn.
If you after more motoring at Goodwood, the wait isn’t that long. The Breakfast Club kicks off again on Sunday 2 October with its Everything but the Car event, which means all sorts of weird and wonderful bikes, trucks, vans, aircraft, etc. I find these gatherings are always best followed by one of Mal’s Sunday lunches.
If the rugby and motoring don’t float your boat, then there’s always the Apple Affair at West Dean. It is really is beautiful there and the events are always a treat. Expect lots of apple-related goings-on at this one.
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